API Error Codes

The iGolder API may return one of the following error.


Authentication Errors

These are errors when invoking a web service without proper settings.  To protect your account against hackers, must Enable Automation to use any iGolder API.  Then, you must grant access to the IP address accessing your account, otherwise you will receive any of the following error:



Error Name Error Description
(error code 601)
Missing Sub-Account ID
The XML data structure is missing the element <SubAccountId> which must be a valid account identifier.
The sub-account ID can be found at the page in https://www.igolder.com/account/details.aspx in the Automation section.
(error code 602)
Sub-Account Not Found
There is no corresponding sub-account identifier matching the XML element <SubAccountId>.  To find your sub-account ID, visit the Automation section at https://www.igolder.com/account/details.aspx.

This error happens when you supply an invalid/unknown sub-account identifier.  Developers frequently get this error when switching from "demo" to "live" mode.  For instance, a valid sub-account ID at http://demo.iGolder.com is invalid at https://www.iGolder.com.  If you switch your web service handler from http://demo.iGolder.com/api.ashx to https://www.iGolder.com/api.ashx, then you have to update the sub-account ID, otherwise you will get the error ErrSubAccountNotFound.

For more information, visit Where can I find my Sub-Account ID and Security Token ID?
(error code 603)
Missing Security Token ID
The XML element <SecurityTokenId> is not found. The Security Token ID can be found at the page https://www.igolder.com/account/details.aspx in the Automation section.

If you need help formatting your XML request, feel free to download our Automation Tool.  This tool contains the entire API Reference to create valid XML requests.
(error code 604)
Invalid Security Token ID
The XML element <SecurityTokenId> contains an invalid security token identifier. The Security Token ID can be found at the page https://www.igolder.com/account/details.aspx in the Automation section.

This error happens if you enter an invalid Security Token ID, or if you disable automation and enable automation again.  Each time you enable automation, iGolder generates a new Security Token ID.  If you feel your Security Token ID has been compromised, then disable automation and enable automation again.  or more information, visit Where can I find my Sub-Account ID and Security Token ID?

A Security Token ID is your automation password.  For security purpose, iGolder uses a different password to login to your account and for web service APIs.  This way, someone knowing your automation password (your SecurityTokenId) will be unable to login to to your account and make an unauthorized transaction.
(error code 605)
Automation Disabled
The account Alice is not enabled for API automation.  For security reasons, iGolder disables automation on every new account.  To enable automation, visit https://www.igolder.com/account/details.aspx and click on the button 'Enable Automation'.

This error happens when you attempt to invoke a web service (see API Reference)) on an account you have not yet enabled automation.  For more details, visit Enable Automation.
(error code 606)
The IP address is not authorized for automation
The IP address does not have the required authorization to access the account Alice.  To enable automation from computer, you must grant access to the IP address  Follow the link below and click on "Approve IP Address" for granting access to the IP address

This error message happens on your first attempt to invoke a web service (see API Reference)).  In the example above, the IP address is and the account name is Alice.  In your case, the IP address will be the IP of your computer or server, and the account name will be the account name corresponding to the SubAccountId.

You may also get this message if your computer (or server) changes IP address.  If you are on a dialup connection, or uses a high-speed Internet connection, it is possible your ISP changes your IP address from time to time.  In that case, you have to approve your new IP address to grant automation access to your computer.

If you use our Automation Tool, simply click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the dialog and the link will automatically take care of granting automation to your IP address.  For more details, visit Approving Pending IP Authorization.


Shopping Cart Interface Errors

The Shopping Cart Interface may return one of the following additional error.


Error Name Error Description
(error code 450)
Transaction Not Approved
The customer rejected the transaction.  To accept the transaction, click on the button "II authorize this payment" on the iGolder website.  Learn more >
(error code 451)
Transaction Already Processed
The merchant already processed your transaction and accepted your payment.  This message is a protection so you are not billed twice for the same transaction.  Learn more >



Gold Transfer Error


Error Message Error Description
Duplicate Transaction
The value 889af6eb56c642fcb7c3b45271a8842f specified in the element <TransferId> is already in the database, and therefore not unique. Please generate a new GUID for the <TransferId>.
This error is returned only by the web service <TransferRequest>.
Payee Name Missing iGolder requires a valid <PayeeName> to create a new account for email Alice@iGolder.com.  This error occurs when you attempt to make a payment to an email not present in our database.




Very Rare Errors

These errors are extremely rare; they occurs only during critical conditions.  We recommend displaying the <ErrorTitle> and <ErrorDescription> to the customer and suggesting to try again.


Error Name Error Description
(error code 607)
Unknown Web Service Request
The web service request named <GetServiceApiXYZ> is unknown to iGolder.
Please visit our API Reference to determine what web services are available to you.

This error happens when you invoke an unknown API.  Make sure spelled the web service name properly.  To get the list of APIs available, visit visit our API Reference.
(error code 600)
Invalid XML Request
The XML data structure format is invalid and/or contains illegal characters.  The start tag <ABC> on line 2 does not match the end tag </ABCD> (Line 2, position 15).

This error happens when you supply an invalid XML request.  Make sure all your XML elements are matching and you properly encode the following XML escape characters:

Character Entity Name Entity Description
& &amp; Ampersand
< &lt; Less Than
> &gt; Greater Than

(error code 999)
Unknown Internal Error
An unknown internal error occurred.  This error happens when iGolder detected an internal problem, however was unable to classify the error.  When iGolder is unable to give a name to an error, iGolder returns ErrUnknown.  If you can reproduce this error, please contact iGolder and we will do our best to find a solution.


Processing XML Errors


iGolder returns all errors in the XML format, where the root node is <Error>.  See below for an example of an error message.


Error XML Example

<Error> <ErrorCode>604</ErrorCode> <ErrorName>ErrApiSecurityTokenIdInvalid</ErrorName> <ErrorTitle>Invalid Security Token ID</ErrorTitle> <ErrorDescription>The XML element 'SecurityTokenId' contains an invalid security token identifier. The Security Token ID can be found at the page https://www.igolder.com/account/details.aspx in the Automation section.</ErrorDescription> <UrlAction>https://www.igolder.com/account/details.aspx?id=cbcc42cd9d82498285099a7c457f8c9b&ShowAutomation=1</UrlAction> <UrlHelp>https://www.igolder.com/developer/API-error-codes/#ErrApiSecurityTokenIdInvalid</UrlHelp> </Error>


Anatomy of an error message

Element Name Element Description
ErrorCode Permanent numeric value assigned to the error.  This value is useful if you wish to store errors using an integer, or if your development language requires a numeric "switch" statement.
ErrorName Permanent symbolic name representing the error.  The ErrorName is friendlier to understand than the ErrorCode.  Regardless of the locale, the error name will always remain the same.
ErrorTitle Title of the error.  For convenience, iGolder provides a title for every error.  The error title may be displayed as a caption or in bold before displaying the error description.  Depending on the context of the user, the error title may be localized in a foreign language. 
ErrorDescription Detailed text regarding the error.  The error description may be several lines long, to fully describe the error.  The error description may be localized in a foreign language.
UrlAction Action hyperlink to help fixing the error.  Sometimes the UrlAction is absent, as some errors cannot be fixed by simply clicking on an hyperlink.
UrlHelp Hyperlink to the technical documentation regarding the error.


Using iGolder Automation Test Tool

The tool iGolderAutomationTool.exe was designed for testing the web services and display errors.  If an error occurred, you can click on the URL at the bottom of the tool to fix the error (UrlAction) or to view the documentation (UrlHelp).


iGolderAutomationTool.exe displaying the UrlAction

In the example above, the IP address is not authorized to access Alice's account via web service.  The tool displays the link from UrlAction, allowing the user to grant access to the IP address.  The user simply has to click on the hyperlink at the bottom right of the screen to approve the IP address.  To learn more, visit iGolder Automation Test Tool.



Since August 1st, 2013 iGolder is no longer accepting new accounts and balances can only be redeemed. During the past years, we have been recommending Bitcoin more than our own payment system. We believe in physical gold ownership, and developed iGolder as a mechanism for people to acquire physical gold by trading with one another.

Since iGolder has a central point of failure (our server may be raided by thugs wearing some kind of uniform), we feet it is safer for us to cease operations. The iGolder experiment has been personally rewarding as we met many gold enthusiasts and also learned about Bitcoin in the process. For those who have no idea what Bitcoin is, we recommend doing your own research. Bitcoin is far superior to iGolder in every way, both in privacy and security as our server is always vulnerable to confiscation. Bitcoin is a communication protocol with a built-in "escrow service" capable of protecting both the buyer and the seller, rendering our Safetransit completely redundant. To learn more about the Bitcoin protocol and its feature, please watch "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD4L7xDNCmA (Bitcoin 2012 London: Mike Hearn).

For those having gold in their iGolder account, we will ship the physical metal to anyone having more than 1 ounce of gold, assuming the owner is willing to assume the shipping costs. For smaller quantities, we offer to settle in Bitcoin, however we will also settle with any other reasonable payment system. We will give everyone at least two full years (until 2016) to contact us to claim their gold. After that period, any unclaimed gold will go to fund an economic development project in Honduras helping local people to become entrepreneurs.

We sincerely wish you the best in life and hope to keep in contact with you.

Yours in liberty,
The iGolder Team.

Update 2014: Since we announced we no longer accept gold transfers, we have received countless emails asking to keep the free gold charts and the PGP encryption tools. We plan to keep running the domain iGolder.com for both the gold charts and the encryption tools. Better, we are developing state of the art open-source software for a secure decentralized social network with a built-in wallet. We will announce when we have a product ready for use. Stay tuned!